‘Fast, Steady, Stop’ initiative rules out Botox therapy for Hyperhidrosis on Surrey NHS

New government equals new budget cuts and in Surrey this translates to a crackdown on treatments deemed unnecessary within the NHS with the trust proclaiming; “If you don’t need it, the NHS won’t pay for it.”

The decision to not treat hyperhidrosis on the NHS, apart from in exceptional circumstances, means that sufferers of the condition – which causes heavy sweating and can be both emotionally and psychologically distressing – will a have to seek help  from a private physician.

At the Wilson Clinic, we have been carrying out treatment of Hyperhidrosis using Botox® for 15 years with countless satisfied patients. The simple procedure, which takes around half an hour, requires no local anaesthetic or special preparation. Afterwards, there may be tiny pinprick marks in the treated area for a few hours, and rarely some minor bruising but normal activities can be resumed immediately. This minor procedure achieves outstanding results for around 75% of patients with their sweating being substantially reduced, if not eliminated, for two to eight months and many return for further treatment thereafter.

Hyperhidrosis is defined as sweating more than your body needs to in order to keep your body temperature regulated. There is no definite boundary but if you feel like you are sweating excessively, to a point where your sweating becomes a hindrance to your everyday routine and an interference to your social life then you may have hyperhidrosis. It can occur anywhere, from the palms of the hands to the soles of the feet, to the armpits or even the face.

Hyperhidrosis is present in around 3% of the British population with more cases becoming apparent as people learn that there is a relatively quick and easy treatment available. So don’t be embarrassed any longer, our team at The Wilson Clinic are professional and discreet ensuring that you are provided with the best care both during and after your appointment.

Call us today on 0800 112 3393 for more information or to book a consultation with our experts or visit www.surreyplasticsurgeryservices.com/services/botox

If you do suffer from Hyperhidrosis, there is more support available, please visit http://www.hyperhidrosisuk.org/index.htm

See original article at NHS Surrey Board approves procedures and treatments in Fast, Steady, Stop programme


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