Cosmetic Surgery for Necks

14 March 2018

Linda Robson, a presenter on the very popular daytime show Loose Women is seriously considering having a ‘neck lift’ (platysmaplasty). The Wilson Clinic in Epsom explains what it involves.

The neck often exposes telltale signs of your age well before your face does. These signs can include loss of elasticity, skin laxity, wrinkles, a sagging chin, deep horizontal creases across the neck, or the dreaded “turkey neck”, which has recently been the subject of discussion on Loose Women and in the tabloid press. While there are various approaches to neck rejuvenation, a cosmetic procedure known as platysmaplasty can address many of these cosmetically displeasing consequences of aging.

Whether you’re a man or woman, aging of your neck generally starts in your 40s, when the gravitational forces of nature combined with physical changes start becoming more apparent. These changes to your neck region subsequently affect your jawline and profile and can drag down your face, making you look much older than you are. Platysmaplasty is a procedure designed to reverse the appearance of an aging neck and dragging jawline.

Neck Lift Procedures

There are various types of neck rejuvenation procedures that we offer at The Wilson Clinic. For example, if you have minimal ageing, but are beginning to lose your smooth jawline, the Silhouette Soft procedure, or Liposuction may be an option.

However, once signs of neck aging progress and you develop significant skin laxity then platysmaplasty, maybe considered to restore the jawline and re contour the neck. There are other surgical options, depending on your requirements, and indeed, some patients require the face and neck to be addressed at the same time, as often the lower face and neck have both dropped and there would be no point in surgically restoring the neck, if the lower face has also developed laxity and jowl formation. In cases such as this a Lower Face Lift (which includes the neck) can result in remarkable transformations.

At The Wilson Clinic, we treat all our patients as individuals, and discuss at length your requirements, what is possible, and give you an honest and realistic consultation about what is achievable.

See below a testimonial from one of our patients who had a Plastysmaplasty …. we are delighted to receive this, and as always, we get huge satisfaction from knowing how our patients feel about the care we give them during their time with us.

“I can only “sing the highest of praises” for all the care, consideration, advice, and aftercare which I and my husband received.

For me the consideration of surgery had been on my mind for some time, and I was certainly very concerned about what the final result would be.

We have known Mr Wilson, as patients, for many years, and at the initial consultation describing what options were available to achieve what I wanted, I was certainly more confident that I would be happy with the end result. I never felt that I was being guided in a direction of unnecessary work.

I always felt that I was in control of what I wanted and of being well advised on how best to achieve that result. Also being given literature and clearly told of all the post surgery after care and affects, what to do, how to look after myself and my wounds, how uncomfortable and painful it would be, was helpful and excellent advice. My care package prior to surgery and on the day provided by Ashtead Hospital was also excellent.

My pre op tests for bloods and heart monitoring were reassuring and on the day of the operation all the staff in each department were kind, very caring, and professional. Having a general anaesthetic is not without risk and I certainly felt very well looked after by the anaesthetist and recovery team.

Now 4 months on I am delighted with the result, for me it was always about the end result looking very natural. I and my family can see the skill of an amazing plastic surgeon.”
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