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We are pleased to work in collaboration with Katherine Kimber BSC(Hons) Registered Dietitian.

Creating sustainable healthy food and lifestyle habits, is one way to ensure the results of cosmetic plastic surgery are long lasting. Not only that, optimising nutrition post surgery, is key to a successful recovery. This is where Nude Nutrition can support you.

Nude Nutrition was founded by Registered Dietitian, Katherine Kimber to provide one-to-one personalised nutrition and lifestyle coaching online; helping you feel your best from the comfort of your own home. Whether you need support for a clinical condition, for before/after surgery, to help fuel for a sporting event or you want to improve your relationship with food – she can help!

Katherine is one of the most qualified persons to provide nutrition related care and advice. She has completed an extensive amount of formal education and training, predominantly at King’s College London, including a Masters in Clinical Research.

Instead of offering one solution to fit everyone, Katherine will take your current situation, lifestyle and routines into consideration to assess your challenges on an individual level. You may require more structure around your eating habits or, conversely, you may need to let go of some restrictions, favouring a more relaxed and intuitive approach to eating.

If you would like to find out more or you just want some quick nutrition information, you can book a FREE 20-minute consultation with Katherine or visit the website for more information.
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