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14 March 2018

Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery is probably the most effective and comprehensive approach to treat a variety of different ageing issues for the mid face. The procedures can remove excess skin on the face, including jowls, soften nose to mouth lines, and improve the contours of the face. The underlying structures of the face are tightened and the skin rewrapped over the “lift”. The procedure will be specifically designed to suit your face and to address the areas of concern. Sometimes, combination surgery can complete the results to perfection, with eyelid surgery, eyebrow hitch or neck lift procedures, all being fairly common additions to the face lift surgery.

At The Wilson Clinic, our plastic surgeon, Mr G R Wilson FRCS FRCS(Plast) is experienced in the fine art of Face Lifting, and with a variety of face lift procedures available. From a ‘mini facelift’ which is done under local anaesthetic, to a full lift, we can discuss what is best for you during your initial consultation.

So, lets look at a few reasons why you may consider a Face Lift

Sometimes, as the face ages, you can look tired or older than you feel inside. Inside you can be zingy and alive and bright, but your face belies what you feel.

Sun damage, genetics, stress or smoking has aged you to an extent that you look older than your years, and you just want to look as good as you can for the age you are.

We also see men and women who need to look as good as they can for their jobs.

If you take care of yourself, are fit, eat well, exercise well, take care of your skin, and just need the next step to achieve the look you want, then consider a Face Lift. Trends are showing that its an acceptable addition to the ‘lifestyle’ tool box, and is in there with the skin care products, exercise, healthy eating programmes that many of us are embracing.

Finally, your consultation and following post operative care instructions is essential to attaining a good outcome.

At The Wilson Clinic, we will spend time with you examining your face, discussing your needs in a calm timely manner, and sharing ideas and realistic possibilities of what can be achieved. We can give you as much time as you need to consider your options, and help you make the best informed decision on which procedure is appropriate for you, so that once you decide to proceed to surgery, you are happy and assured of what to expect. We will take care of you throughout your time with us, and will try our best to ensure that postoperatively you have superb support with access to your personal Cosmetic care manager, who will offer you guidance and reassurance until you come back for your post operative check up.

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