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Hailing from the USA, and only just becoming available in the UK , the iGuide Neck Lift has been described by plastic surgeons as a landmark procedure. Previously, the only option for counteracting sagging neck skin has been invasive and lengthy neck-lift surgery. Mr Wilson, consultant plastic surgeon at The Wilson Clinic, recently reviewed iGuide Neck Lift, and being suitably impressed with the procedure and the results it gives, has decided to offer this revolutionary treatment in his clinic.

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The iGuide technology allows younger patients with good skin elasticity a minimally invasive solution to improve genetically acquired skin-contours

What does the procedure involve?

Compared to previous neck lift procedures, the iGuide Neck Lift takes around 30 to 60 minutes. Instead of interfering with the muscles as previous procedures had done, the iGuide involves a continuous suture, woven under the jawline, which provides a structure that lifts the sagging skin, hence the nickname of “The Trampoline Lift”.   This procedure can be done in combination with facelift or mini-facelift or as a standalone operation. If required, fat removal can also be carried out. A consultation with our surgeon will enable you to discuss your desired outcome and decide upon the extent of your procedure.

Innovative System

Percutaneous suturing provides a dynamic support system, similar to a trampoline in the neck or suture suspension of the brow. One continuous thread is used to lift and maintain a remarkably contoured neckline.

Is this treatment right for you?

This procedure is ideal for both male and females and is suitable for people with heaviness or sagging of the upper part of the neck. Helping to define the neckline, the iGuide neck lift produces a firmer, more youthful profile; with no incisions and virtually no scarring.

As with every procedure, we advise that for the best results, all patients need to be in a good state of health, non-smokers and maintain a relative standard of fitness.

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Even men, who typically have more muscle in the neck area, can achieve a more youthful appearance thanks to iGuide.

What are the consequences?

Following an iGuide Neck Lift, its conservative recovery time is just 48 hours, bruising is moderate, and scarring incredibly minimal. The procedure only requires small puncture wounds which easily heal.

Very few complications arise with this procedure. Rarely the suture will break at an early stage, and will need to be redone. Infection will always be a risk with a surgical procedure but our dedicated team will provide you with sufficient aftercare and advice in order to encourage rapid healing.

Before and After

Now you can enjoy natural-looking results with minimal recovery time. Which means you’ll be back to work and back in the gym in days, compared to weeks or months with traditional invasive procedures.

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For media coverage on the iGuide Neck-Lift, click on the link below:

FeMail – Trampoline Lift: A new procedure can fix sagging neck skin within an hour (31 January 2011)

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