Lifting the Lid on Eyes Upper Blepharoplasty

Loose skin. That’s the culprit, more often than not, for causing our eyes to look a little droopy and downturned. The skin on the eyelid loses its elasticity. Call it genetic disposition, call it too long peering at screens, or put all that in the mix with general aging, and yes…it all leads to a tired look, and even though we might be feeling full of life inside, our look belies that. Eye creams are amazing, I personally love Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy by Neostrata, but they don’t remove that lose skin that is there all the time. It causes problems with eye make up application too. Have you often thought that your eyelid shows a little less, or that your liner is more troublesome to apply? It’s all down to the sag!

Upper Blepharoplasty, is a small but extremely effective cosmetic procedure that removes the skin that has folded over the upper eyelids. Mr Wilson FRCS FRCS(Plast) more often than not performs this operation to perfection, using a local anaesthetic, and the tiniest of stitches. The whole procedure takes about an hour, I’m told its quite pain free, and indeed, my experience mirrored those comments. Then, a couple of weeks to recover from any bruising and swelling. You can wear makeup after a few days, and a pair of Gucci’s or the latest Dior’s might be a nice way to look good until any post procedure bruising disappears.

I’m only writing one paragraph about the actual procedure, because, it is that simple. What I want to tell you is so much more important than the hour you will spend in the clinic room. It takes an hour, but it will take at least ten years off of you. Where the loose skin once was, will be perfect soft and smooth eyelid. Your eye socket will be defined, and you will find that you have a brighter eyed look about you, which will lift your whole face. The look is so subtle, which is the way Mr W likes to ‘do’ things, that comments such as…’You look well’ have you been on holiday?”, or ‘I love your eye makeup”, will be profusely showered upon you. I promise.
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